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Dear Friends,

As a part of our community, we want to wish everyone faith and peace during this special time!

At Cafe Brio, we value every customer that walks into our shop, as well as the experience of every member of our team. Therefore, we have always kept our place thoroughly cleaned, well thought out, and comfortable for all of us. At Brio, we call it — keeping it crisp!

However, here is the list of additional precautionary steps we are taking to protect the health and wellness of everyone spending time at the cafe. And we request that everyone uses good hygiene and health practices.

  • We have increased the frequency and attention with which we sanitize our cafe.

  • We routinely clean all frequently-touched surfaces, such as work stations, countertops,
    and door knobs.

  • We have temporarily removed some items from our condiment bar that are not for one time use.

  • We have temporarily removed the water dispenser, but are happy to serve customers water as requested.

  • We have temporarily stopped serving drinks in glass mugs and we are serving all orders in our
    disposable cups.

  • We accept and encourage customers to use contactless payment methods.

  • As always, we are happy to accommodate any to go orders over the phone.

  • We are following the events, staying informed, and taking guidance from local authorities.

Cafe Brio is devoted to the well being of our community and will continue to do our best to create a clean and safe environment. As we continue to look for better and safer ways to serve you, please refer back to this page for future updates.


be brio
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