Dear Friends!

Here is an update on our #StandWithUkraine fundraiser. To date, we have raised over $12000 in addition to a similar value worth in humanitarian aid. Special thanks to Ben Green, the Branch Executive of Hillsborough YMCA, and the rest of the YMCA team for collecting for Ukraine. On May 10th, we delivered two vans filled with donations collected by them to VELOX International Shipping company to Ukraine.

War is raging on in Ukraine, but humanitarian aid is drying up. We need to reignite the collection effort again. We are collecting donations in the following categories, medical supplies, non-perishable food items, hygiene products, and pet food.

Donations made to date:

  • $1200 to support hospitals in Ukraine

  • $8032 to Revived Soldiers Ukraine

  • $2200 was spent on medical supplies, tactical supplies, and packing supplies

  • Delivered over 230 packages of humanitarian aid


  • Non-perishable food (canned meat, dairy products with long shelf life, protein bars, baby food, dried fruits, and nuts)

  • Hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, soap, feminine products, detergent, children's hygiene products, diapers, bug spray/cream, sunscreen)

  • Medical products (antibiotics, blood pressure medicine, herbal sedatives, cold/flu medicine, first-aid kits, burn kits, butterfly strips, gauze pads, elastic bandages; Syringes with needles, IV catheters, CPR masks, CAT tourniquets, chest seal)

  • Pet food

  • Metal detectors

  • Firefighting protection gear

  • Power generators, battery power banks

  • Please do not bring clothing items!

This list is not exclusive or complete. Please contact us at info@cafebrionj.com if you have any questions.

Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army have an ongoing need for our help. Please donate if you are able. Once again, we are eternally grateful for our community and thank you for standing with Ukraine with us.

Orest+Sophia 🇺🇦