Dear Friends!

Here is an update on our #StandWithUkraine fundraiser. With your support, we have raised over $12630, and have collected an even larger value worth in humanitarian aid donations. Special thanks to People For Animals for your second round of generous donations; Assemblyman Roy Freiman for connecting us with local Boy Scouts Girls Troop 102G to collect for Ukraine for us; Airos for collecting donations. Thank you to all of our dear friends and customers for your generous donations and continuous support.

We donated an additional $1000 to Revived Soldiers Ukraine. We packed an additional 32 boxes and delivered them to three different organizations. We partnered up with Razom‘s hospital team and delivered the majority of priority medical supplies to MEEST-America shipping facility. We delivered non-medical aid to VELOX International Shipping to be shipped and distributed by local volunteers in Ukraine. We also collected a lot of animal product donations and were able to deliver them to the USA for Ukraine organization led Olga Litvinenko.

Ukraine is a country of strong spirit and resilience. The war rages on, and the need for aid is ongoing. We are doing everything we can to raise more money to help the people of Ukraine to fight for their freedom and rebuild their lives. We launched the STAND WITH UKRAЇNE tote bag two weeks ago, 100% of the profits of this bag will be donated to trustworthy Ukrainian charities working to provide relief and rebuild their communities. Get yours in-store!

In the midst of war and chaos, you have chosen to stand with Ukraine with us. Thank you for your continuing support and making a difference in their lives and helping them fight for freedom. Please donate if you are able. Please share and repost to help us get more exposure.



  • $1200 to support hospitals in Ukraine

  • $9032 to Revived Soldiers Ukraine

  • $2200 was spent on medical supplies, tactical supplies, and packing supplies

  • Delivered over 262 packages of humanitarian aid



  • Hygiene products (shampoo, body wash, soap, feminine products, detergent, children's hygiene products, diapers, bug spray/cream, sunscreen)

  • Medical products (Stethoscope, Pulse Oximeter, antibiotics, blood pressure medicine, herbal sedatives, cold/flu medicine, first-aid kits, burn kits, butterfly strips, gauze pads, elastic bandages; Syringes with needles, IV catheters, CPR masks, CAT tourniquets, chest seal)

  • Metal detectors

  • Firefighting protection gear

  • Power generators, battery power banks

  • Please do not bring clothing items!

This list is not exclusive or complete. Please contact us at info@cafebrionj.com

if you have any questions.